Owlet Monitor Duo Bundle V3 - Pre Order


A Complete Picture of Your Baby’s Safety.
The Owlet Monitor Duo offers the intelligence of our award-winning Smart Sock paired with the Owlet Cam. It’s the first smart baby monitor to combine the ability to track your baby’s heart rate, oxygen level and sleep trends with HD video for the most complete picture of your baby.

A lot can happen while your baby sleeps, but a traditional baby monitor can only tell you so much. The Owlet Monitor Duo goes beyond the capabilities of any other baby monitor to reassure you that your baby is safe while they sleep. By tracking your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, the Duo goes beyond what you might be able to see or hear, so that you can really know if your baby is sleeping safely or if they need you. This information combined with the ability to stream HD video to your smartphone from wherever you are is what makes Duo the most complete picture of your baby’s well-being while they sleep.

What comes in the owlet monitor duo box?

You will receive a Sock Sensor, Base Station, two sock sizes with a right and left sock, a power adaptor and charging cords, as well as the Owlet Cam, magnetic base, wall mounting kit with cable guards and power adapter.

How does the monitor duo work?

The Monitor Duo combines the Smart Sock and the Cam. The Smart Sock uses pulse oximetry technology to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen while they sleep. Your baby’s readings are sent to the Base Station, which uses lights and sounds to keep you updated on your baby wellness. The Cam streams HD video to your phone over a secure, encrypted connection.Together, the Monitor Duo delivers the most complete picture of your baby’s safety.

Does the monitor duo still work if my wi-fi goes out?

Because the Smart Sock and Base Station connect via Bluetooth your Base Station will still notify you if your Wi-Fi goes out. The Base Station is your primary notification system for the Smart Sock. The only aspect of the Monitor Duo that would be affected by a Wi-Fi outage is the ability to stream video from the Cam.

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