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So first things first, Congratulations! Chances are if you are reading this then you are about to enter into the world of parenting or you may already have your family and be looking to find something different for them, well let me tell you about our family.


About Me


My name is Becky and I started Bababoom as a Pregnancy, birth and baby shop in Loughton, Essex  in 2010 after years of planning but the common question I get asked is why?

I worked for years as the community midwife in the area where the shop is based and found it increasingly frustrating that I knew there were great products and services out there that could enhance a pregnancy and new parent journey but people just didn't know how to access them.(cue lightbulb moment). So I managed to convince hubby that if we could gather all these amazing therapists and great products together and put them under one roof then people locally would know where to go for good advice, support and products. After plenty of research and parting with every penny of our savings Bababoom was born.


Our Journey so far


The shop took on an identity of it's own and grew quickly so after 3 years we moved to larger premises, then came the warehouse and earlier this year the shop had a bit of an extension so if you haven't been in recently do pop in we get lots of 'wows' when people walk back in for the first time.

I'm still a practising midwife but work privately now so that I have the flexibility to support the team and help with the growth of the business. It's a lovely part of being in store, being able to offer much needed support and advice for the people coming in, everyone knows the midwife is in store on Saturdays.


About our Family








It was never my plan for the children to come and work with me, infact I wasn't sure that family and business mixed well and we have such a lovely family unit that I didn't want 'work' spoiling that. Nevertheless the children had other plans and in 2012 my daughter, Megan joined the team.

Megan has played at many of the roles within the team before finding her niche and is now the lead PR for the business, dealing with all the filming requests and working as our VIP concierge.

My son, Connor joined us in 2014 and he works in our behind the scenes team dealing with buying, analytics and all the technical things that allow the front of house to function. Hubby, well being an electrician he is quite handy so apart from supporting us all in our roles he is the one that gets called on for any 'jobs' that need doing, his sister forever tells him "there is no 'i' in team!






I've been a midwife now for nearly 20 years and know too well that every couple has very different needs and we pride ourselves of offering a bespoke service in store where we can take the time to shop with you to ensure you are making the right choices for your family. None of the team know any profit margins, they don't work on bonuses or commission, that way we can ensure they are helping you select the right products for your lifestyle, needs and budgets. 

Both in our Loughton store, which is of course sparkly walls and chandeliers, the real boutique experience but also on line you will find the most exquisite baby clothes. Matching siblings sets are really popular and our buying team really listen to not just current trends but what our customers are asking for.

 The online shopping has really increased over the last couple of years and one that has been essential to meeting our customers needs, we now ship internationally and even have customers send us pics from the other side of the world, how crazy is that.

Being an Independent retailer is still the most demanding, infuriating, rewarding and fulfilling mix that anyone could imagine but the best part of all is meeting you all and watching you grow as a family.

We look forward to sharing our journey with yours.




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