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At Nannycare, we make only goat milk-based baby formula because we believe goat milk to be the best base for making formula. It is soft and gentle on baby’s tiny tummy behaving in a way that has closer similarity to breast milk (than cow’s milk)2.

Our Nannycare goat milk is produced by a Co-operative of farms in some of New Zealand’s richest pastures.

Their sole focus is to produce the very best quality goat milk only for use in making baby and toddler formula. Nannycare goats are carefully selected and fed a highly nutritious diet to make milk which is especially suited to baby and toddler formula. With careful handling and gentle transportation, taking great care to maintain the nutritional integrity of the milk, Nannycare goat milk-based formulas are then made in a world class facility which was purpose-built solely for manufacturing goat milk formula.

All Nannycare formulas are made from this 100% natural, full cream premium goat milk with the addition of important, vital ingredients (as required by legislation for all formula). There is no skimmed milk or whey in our formulas. Because of this they are significantly less processed than the majority of other formulas with less heat treatment and fewer synthetic additions. We also in general avoid unnecessary (optional) ingredients as these can place an extra burden on baby’s delicate developing system and we believe it’s better to keep it gentle for baby.

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