Pregnancy and Post Birth Pilates

At Bababoom our instructors are committed to providing you with the best service possible which is why their class sizes are limited.  That way, they are more able to ensure clients are performing exercises correctly, to get the maximum benefit from each and every exercise

Pregnancy Pilates

Friendly classes keep you fit, mobile and energised during pregnancy with focus on core abdominal and pelvic floor muscles preparing you for a smooth prenatal phase and birth. The classes are designed to help you exercise in a comfortable position so you can continue throughout your pregnancy.

Suitable from the second trimester onwards.

As well as a pilates instructor Tammy is also a registered Osteopath and has been the Osteopath at bababoom since we opened. Tammy brings her experience of being an Osteopath into her Pilates classes making them more specialised and refined.

 Pilates is a safe, low impact exercise option for the whole family. Pilates is a system of strengthening and stretching exercises designed to develop the body’s core strength (abdominals, lower back, hips and pelvis) ultimately leading to better posture and balance.

Pilates exercises require precision and accuracy of each movement instead of speed and repetitions. It is low impact and is the most recommended form of exercise recommended by Tammy for her pregnant patients as well as non-pregnant.

 Pilates during your pregnancy helps your body cope with the postural changes as your bump grows and your joints become more lax, it can help alleviate common pregnancy related pelvic and lower back pain (such as SPD, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Lumbar spine pain, pain between the shoulders, pain in the ribs, neck pain and headaches).  It is never too late to start Pilates, so if you have already developed any musculoskeletal pains or strains Tammy can still help you and give you advice.


Postnatal Pilates

Postnatal Pilates helps you regain your pre-pregnancy shape with exercises to strengthen and flatten abs and tone and sculpt your body. The core work will help you create a corset around your middle, giving you a sleeker silhouette and a stronger back and stomach, while the upper body work will keep you strong for all the new baby lifting. This class will leave you feeling energised!

Suitable from 6-8 weeks after birth. Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine.

Back Care Pilates

Tammy also holds a “Back Care” Pilates Class, which is Pilates for the rest of the family. The stresses of modern life leave us tired, ‘unbalanced’ and strained, leading to premature aches and pains and joint degeneration.  Regular pilates and postural control can help alleviate many ‘modern day’ musculoskeletal strains.

Mum with Baby Pilates

These classes give you the flexibility to attend one of the day time classes without the hassle of arranging child care as your little ones are welcome.


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