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Monkey says: ''Welcome to my music classes!''

At Monkey Music, we know that music is fundamental to a pre-school aged child's development. Our progressive and educational four stage curricula are designed to nurture a lifetime of music: from rock 'n' roll to ding-dong, classes are a 'good fit' for each separate age group. By the time our little monkeys 'graduate', they have a sound base from which to build a musical future.... have a look!

What we do              

WINNER of Best National Pre-Schooler Development Activity 2010 as voted by parents across the UK

  • The content of our classes has been developed and tested over time.
  • Our carers value our progressive curricula.
  • We have age specific classes that are a ‘good fit’.
  • Our children learn and thrive with friends of a similar age.
  • Everyone Is encouraged to reach their full potential in well-managed class sizes.



WINNER of Best Toddler Development Class 2008 as voted by parents across the UK

  • All Monkey Music teachers are trained according to our own training programme.
  • Our teachers are chosen for their natural empathy with young children and their evident musical talent.
  • Several teachers have been nominees and finalists in national awards which recognise the very best children’s activity leaders in the UK.
  • All teachers are CRB checked.


FINALIST in the prestigious British Franchise Association Franchisor Of The Year Awards 2010

  • Our classes are highly interactive and our children learn to make music on the finest percussion instruments – not toys!
  • We work with a team of professional musicians, composers and teachers to ensure that every class experience is rewarding for both our carers and their child.


For babies from 3 months

Pave the way for your child’s future emotional and intellectual development with:

  • a stimulating musical environment
  • gentle songs and fascinating sounds
  • absorbing activities and precious shared moments

For toddlers from 12 months

The Monkey Music Band is toddlers’ favourite place to be:

  • they are up on their feet exploring their own space
  • they learn to respond to the music that they hear
  • they benefit from lots of interaction with themed classes and colourful props

For 2 and 3 year olds

These little monkeys develop a strong sense of rhythm through:

  • dancing and singing in their group
  • composing their own music
  • playing percussion instruments

For 3 and 4 year olds

With their ears 'finely tuned' our wisest monkeys also use their eyes:

  • to recognise written music
  • to understand musical patterns
  • to learn more about

Angie Coates, the founder of Monkey Music, explains some of the reasons why young children benefit from music and music classes…

The ear is the first organ to develop fully in the womb and at 5 months an unborn baby will be able to hear the world around him.

Unborn babies take great comfort in their mother’s voice (yes, and dad’s too) and they will remember music and songs, that they have heard in the womb for up to 12 months after they have been born.

A growing baby will thrive on ‘happy vibes’ and you can pass on those nourishing vibes as you listen to music and songs that you enjoy. Unborn babies hear lower sounds better than high pitched sounds so you may consider playing music with a lower frequency, although the most important thing is that you are enjoying it – either by relaxing quietly or by singing like a diva. There is no real need to strap yourself up with the headphones on your tummy – your baby will hear the music anyway and you might just startle him.

From very early on at Monkey Music, our babies are developing their musical ear. Through singing simple action songs they learn to de-code language, interact with each other and expand on their numerical skills. 
As toddlers our young monkeys love dancing and find their new friends endlessly fascinating. They adore marching around the room in time to the music as they learn to listen to what the music is asking them to do.

Further physical skills are developed by playing small percussion instruments in the Monkey Music Band. Our fledgling band members learn to take turns and to watch their teacher conduct – great practise for 'sitting comfortably' before starting school!

There are many major milestones at Monkey Music – each one puts in place a stepping stone which encourages your child to reach their full potential.

Come and join in the fun!

Course Fees:

Each class costs £7.50 payable termly with a FREE trial week before enrolment.

Although places may be reserved for this course, places are not confirmed until payment is received in full. Card payment are accepted with Kate when booking. 


We have a 1 week cancellation policy for all courses so cancellations with less than 1 weeks’ notice will result in you losing your course fee unless we are able to fill this space.

Check out Kate explaining all about monkey music...

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