Over 30 million people in Europe already benefit from homeopathic treatment. It has been reported that Celebrities such as David Beckham, Paul McCartney, Whoopi Goldberg, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cher, Usain Bolt, Pamela Anderson, The Queen and Prince Charles, have all been users of homeopathy, but certainly some well known faces from sport, TV and politics have all recently shown their support publicly: Jo Wood, Michelle Collins, Gaby Roslyn, David Bellamy, Annabel Croft, Susan Hampshire, Peter Hain to name a few. (see: http://www.celebhomeopathy.com/)

10% of the UK population use homeopathy - this equates to over 6 million people. It treats you as a whole person (not conditions in isolation) There is a substantial and growing body of published research in good quality peer-reviewed journals showing that homeopathy has a positive effect  (www.facultyofhomeopathy.org/research)
The medicines are extremely dilute and are non-toxic and safe for all the family
The aim of homeopathy is to trigger your body's own natural system of healing
It can be used alongside medicines from your GP. There are numerous clinical studies which support the hypothesis that homeopathy is effective (see http://nationalcenterforhomeopathy.org ). Although we as homeopaths do not treat the specific ailment, but the individual in totality (thereby triggering a healing response), the following conditions have been subject to clinical trials with positive results:

Allergies, hay fever, respiratory tract infections, flu, sinusitis, ear-ache, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatic diseases, eczema and asthma in children behavioural problems, ADHD, menopausal, pre-menstrual symptoms, infertility, sperm quality, pregnancy related problems & chronic fatigue.
A message from Jan:
Homeopathy fascinated me after I found that a chronic condition I suffered from for many years, much to my surprise and joy, totally disappeared after taking this treatment. I found my “Great Natural Health!”  

I was so impressed that I vowed, once my two children went off to university, that I would study this fascinating 200 year old medical system myself, and I undertook a 4 year programme of study to attain my diploma to practice Homeopathy, topping this up with a further two years to gain a BSc (Hons) also studying medical sciences and the research evidence for homeopathy. 

I have been qualified for over 13 years and have practiced at trauma clinics for Victim Support in Lambeth and a homeless hostel in east London where I further developed an understanding of a range of medical problems as well as mental health issues such as depression, behavioural problems, anxiety and addiction.  I have also practiced locally, however, many people do not know what homeopathy is or where to find a clinic.  I currently work from home in Loughton, and at the Bababoom Pregnancy Therapy centre for new mums.  

If you join the estimated 6 million in the UK who are using homeopathy (including the Queen and David Beckham), you will find that you have discovered a healing system that works by triggering your own healing capability from the inside. Often special blends are used to promote detoxification and I have many rehabilitating tonics I encourage elimination and rejuvenation. Homeopathic medicines are ultra-diluted from substances found in nature, they are pleasant to take and non-toxic.

Homeopathy can be used on two levels – a therapeutic level (e.g. Arnica for bruises) and a deeper constitutional level getting to the root cause of ill-health.  When you come for constitutional treatment I will treat the “whole person” meaning I will take a full case history and treat you as an individual rather than a specific ailment, following which, it is hoped that an improvement will be seen in your general health, the body’s functioning and hence it’s healing potential.  I also give advice and run courses in self-care prescribing for acute illnesses.

New this year to my practice is the Asyra Machine.  http://www.asyra.co.uk  
It is one of the world's most advanced health screening systems and uses the very latest technology to identify imbalances in the body, restore health and resolve illness.  I am thrilled that my daughter has embarked on her training to join me as a therapist, and this year we intend to open a new clinic together in London - watch this space!


A message from Jennie:

Homeopathy has literally changed my life.  Since mum discovered this fantastic therapy over 15 years ago and started using me as her guinea pig, my immune system has gone from strength to strength and I have regained control of my health, from being quite a weak and sickly child from over-use of antibiotics that had destroyed my own natural immune system. 

I am actually a trained actor for my sins and am also an MA graduate. I have worked in various fields, from being a producer at a radio station, to being a vocal coach, to temping in industries from medical, finance, design and architecture... but rather than doing any more 'temp' jobs to keep me afloat when 'resting', I decided to work towards a second career for which I have a passion, and there is little else I feel more passionately about than Homeopathy, organic food, good nutrition and my mum! 

As well as being a fully qualified Asyra Practitioner with an advanced certificate, I am now in my final and 4th year of study at The College Of Practical Homeopathy.  At CPH, we concentrate highly on Nutrition and anatomy and physiology, and how complementary therapies can be of assistance for 'modern patients' with weakened constitutions, or those who have needed to use a lot of drugs for their ill health.  I have Student insurance to practice and work at the Low Cost clinic attached to the college in Islington.  I currently have a list of my own patients under supervision, as well as working alongside my mother running the Asyra machine at her clinics.  We are known as a dynamic duo, and share a wonderful bond, and hopefully that love and support we give each other resonates with our clients and their families.  If you request an Asyra screening, I am the chief equipment operator as I'm a bit of a whizz at the techno-stuff. We are modern Homeopaths!

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