Expert Holistic Facialist (The Face Fitness Coach)

The Face Trainer signature Facial Sculpting Lymphatic Drainage Massage and FaceWorkouts are designed to boost circulation, reduce puffiness and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. 


Muscles have memory, the more you train them the faster, more dramatic, sculpted and longer lasting the results. These facials are the holistic alternative to botox and fillers, which freeze the muscle. These facials work, lift, de stress and sculpt the face muscles. 


LED light therapy is used, depending on your skincare needs. Not only does it reduce cortisol, it is used for Anti-Aging and Acne, is a painless, relaxing, non-invasive skin-care treatment that has multiple benefits—particularly stimulating collagen and treating mild to moderate acne.


Each massage is tailored to each individual client, depending on their own personal needs. 


These facials not only lift the face muscles, they also de stress the jaw muscles, removing clicking and tightness, fluid retention, puffiness, sculpts and contours the face and improves muscle health, strength, prevents sagging jawlines, adds youthfulness, vitality and radiance and glow to the skin. 


The Face Trainer™️ 



Intuitive Sculptural Lifting Massage Facials - £85 

All Facials Include:

  • Luxury Detox Deep Cleanse
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Deep Massage Masking
  • Sculpting Facelift Massage
  • GuaSha
  • Cryo Sculpting



*All Pregnancy Facials are using Ermana Skincare soothe mama products, all essential oil free so perfectly safe for pregnant women to use. Pregnancy facials can only be booked after your first trimester and your first scan. 


To book please ask us at in store or call us on 📞 020 3174 0418. 


“I believe in the magic of the hands. Machines do not get to feel how the client is feeling, how the skin and muscle is laying, the hands are the window to the clients soul.”

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