Baby & Toddler Reflexology

Babies love to have their hands and feet played with and it often makes them giggle and wriggle. It is a natural action to take hold of a baby`s foot and play with toes, run fingers down the arch of the foot and to take hold of their tiny fingers and hands! How about taking this playtime beyond fun and learn how to help with some of the common issues that both baby and parent have to contend with. 


Through touch, babies learn the comfort and security of being loved. Research has shown that stimulation through touch will assist in promoting growth and development and the physical act of reflexology increases blood flow, energy flow and strengthens the immune system.

There are endless benefits for babies receiving reflexology and it is suitable from 4 weeks, right through childhood and into adulthood.

With knowledge of specific areas on your baby's feet you can precisely apply reflexology techniques to help with conditions such as colic and improve sleep patterns. By working on the digestive system you can help to relieve constipation and diarrhoea.  By working on the solar plexus area you can promote sleep and relaxation; on the chest, diaphragm, lymph, sinus and associated areas you can help relieve colds and respiratory ailments.

Of course, a baby does not need to be out of sorts to receive reflexology, it can be a very beneficial therapy to receive on a regular basis to stimulate growth and development, help maintain good health and strengthen the immune system.

How can Reflexology help?
- calming and relaxing
- improve sleep pattern
- help to improve the immune system
- help with snuffly noses and congestion, coughs and colds
- help to alleviate colic
- Improves digestive function and issues such as constipation. It will also sooth discomfort associated with these conditions
- help with teething pain and distress
- help with general wellbeing

- bonding

Baby reflexology works with the same principle as an adult treatment, but the techniques are adapted for babies and toddlers. As parent(s), you are taught the techniques over 2 sessions. The first session focuses on feeding/digestion/sleeping/calming and the second session focuses on Wellbeing techniques. There is a lot to learn over the 2 sessions but to make sure you don't forget, useful hand outs are given out and lots of practice is done in the sessions. This combination will help you confidently perfect and apply the techniques to your baby's feet.


Rachel Forsyth from Little Indulgence teaches the baby reflexology workshops who has been a qualified ITEC Reflexologist since 2008 and has later become an ITEC qualified Masseuse and Indian Head Massage therapist.


The Baby Reflexology workshops are once a month during (term time) and cost £30.00 for both sessions, per baby & parent(s). Call Bababoom for more information of dates and times and to book you and your baby on the workshops


What our parents say:

"I have just completed the baby reflexology workshop with Rachel at Bababoom. I absolutely loved it! Learning ways to naturally calm and relax your baby as well as deal with common issues like wind, constipation and colic have been one of the best things that I have learnt and used on my baby. I have also found it works amazingly on my toddler too!
I’d recommend this workshop to all new mums for sure, my little girl is so chilled and relaxed thanks to the techniques that I’ve learned."

"I attended two sessions learning baby reflexology techniques for my baby girl with Rachel held at Bababoom. The session was fascinating, informative & very practical. It’s an essential for any mummy and/or daddy tool kit. I love that I can apply it on the go, whilst we are relaxing on the couch for cuddles, after bath time and even on an airplane! It’s a fantastic holistic resource to help our baby’s along each day as they grow and develop & support their every changing bodies."

"Baby Reflex with Rachel - really enjoyed this 2 week class and have picked up some great tips for helping my little one and will definitely continue to practice regularly - I'm already seeing results! Rachel is so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Would definitely recommend all mums do this short course to learn soothing techniques and bond with their baby"


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